Letter of the Week

Butterfly has completed an extensive Letter of the Week program twice.
This page shows the resources to each letter and number of the week that we've done.

Letter A (and Number 1):

Letter B (and Number 2):

Letter C (and Number 3):

Letter D (and Number 4):

Letter E (and Number 5):

Letter F (and Number 6):

Letter G (and Number 7):

Letter H (and Number 8):

Letter I (and Number 9):

Letter J (and Number 10):

Letter K (and Number 11):

Letter L (and Number 12):

Letter M (and Number 13):

Letter N (and Number 14):

Letter O (and Number 15):

Letter P (and Number 16):

Letter Q (and Number 17):

Letter R (and Number 18):

Letter S (and Number 19):

Letter T (and Number 20):

Letter U and Letter V (and Number 21, 22):

Letter W and Letter X (and Number 23, 24):

Letter Y and Letter Z (and Number 25, 26):

Alphabet and Number Review:

09 10 11 12
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