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Butterfly's Mommy.
Married to my hubby, my Love, for 13 yrs.
Love our little family of three.
We live in Canada.
Love being outside, love nature.
Love anything creative, crafty and artsy!
Early Childhood Educator.
I've been a child caregiver to many families, worked in schools, baby nurseries, daycare centres, ran two of my own home daycares.
I love being a stay-at-home mom to my daughter.

Is 6 years old.
Very creative, loves expressing herself through the arts.
Likes arts and crafts of all kinds.
Enjoys dancing and singing and twirling in tutus.
Loves wearing dresses and dressing up.
Loves anything to do with Princesses and Ponies.
Enjoys being outdoors.
Loves the beach.
Likes swings and parks.
Loves playing with her friends.
Her quote: "Mommy, I love being your butterfly on your website."

Rockabye Butterfly's Meaning:

A Mommy cradles, coddles, cuddles her baby,
nuturing her through her childhood path,
Singing Rockabye lullabies and sharing tickling laughs!

A child loves to fly freely, flittering from flower to flower, in whimsical colourful play,
But she is also learning to fly, testing her wings, and reaching new heights everyday!

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