Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We made decorations for our New Year celebration at home this year and I thought I'd post the photos of them because it has given me great ideas on making decorations for future parties and birthday parties!  It was so easy to do and all just with coloured paper!

I bought a pack of coloured paper from Ikea, in their children's craft section, and with it, made all sorts of things for a party celebration!

I made coned hats, wrote 2014 with a silver marker, and used sparkly pipe cleaners to make fireworks on top of the hats!  I hole punched a couple of holes on the bottom of the cones to tie ribbons on so we could tie the hats under our chins.  I also made flags, using the coloured paper, silver marker, and food kabob sticks!

We made these cute midnight clocks in accordion style.

We hung them up on our kitchen cupboards.

I used a paper cutter and made a rainbow pattern of triangles, I hole punched two holes at the top of each triangle, and just used some twine to thread them on in a bunting banner style!

I used my silver marker and wrote 2014 in the middle of the bunting.

I cut out some yellow stars to hang up with the banner as well!  It looked so colourful!

Butterfly had a fabulous idea!  She told me to use all the thinner triangles that came from cutting the bunting's bigger triangles.  So we use painter's tape and taped them up in a rainbow pattern along another wall.  I also used these thinner triangles for the 2014 flags we had made.

How colourful it all looked for our New Year's at home!  And we didn't have to go to any party store to buy accessories, we made them all at home!  I going to keep this coloured paper decoration idea under my hat for future parties!  Wouldn't this all be cute for a circus birthday party?

Chinese New Year is coming up next!  We LOVE Chinese New Year at our house!!  We love making lanterns and dragons this time of year, eating Chinese foods with our chop sticks and making fortune cookies!  We also go to China Town to celebrate and participate in their dragon parades!

For ideas on Chinese New Year crafts and decorations, visit:
Rockabye Butterfly's Chinese New Year Pinterest Board!


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