Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pine Cone Ornaments

We have been busy crafting for Christmas!
We found some great giant pine cones and we thought we'd transfer them into fancy glitzy ornaments to add to our Christmas tree this year!  We even have one hanging from our lamp in our living room just because it's such a pretty hand-made decoration!

We gathered up our supplies:
Pine cones, glue, scissors, ribbon, pom poms, glitter, and a large Ziploc bag!

Are you scared of glitter?  Glitter is truly.... beautiful... sparkly..... okay, okay... MESSY!!!

Put it all in a baggie!!!

First, have your child choose their ribbon for hanging the ornament and get that tied on top, then cover that pine and all it's crevices with lots of glue!  I used a paper towel under it to catch the drippy glue.

I held the glue covered pine cone in a Ziploc bag and Butterfly shook the glitter INSIDE THE BAG!

All that sparkly shaking gets collected inside the bag!! Not all over the table!!

Is this not a great brainy idea for a messy craft idea?  It seriously kept all the glitter contained.

Butterfly and her friends chose their colours and shook it all in the bag and then you can even roll the pine cone in the glitter pile in the bag to get it well covered and glitzed up!  Then all you have to do is throw the bag full of glue and glitter away when you are finished covering the pine cone!  NO MESS!

That glue that dripped off the pine cone on to the paper towel?  Use it to dip the small pom poms in to glue on the ornament!  Have your child stuff colourful pom poms in all the pine cone's crevices.  Then just throw away the gluey paper towel!  NO MESS!  The only thing you have to wash, are hands!

And you thought this was going to be "one of those messy crafts!" 
Trust Rockabye Butterfly, we come up with clever ideas to make it doable!  ;)

Doesn't this ornament look so colourful and sparkly, just by using something from nature?

We hung them from a cupboard door knob and put a piece of paper towel under them to catch any drippy glue while they dried.

Easy Peasy!  And such a pretty ornament craft idea for this time of year!

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