Monday, December 16, 2013

Gingerbread Man and Sparkly Tree Christmas Crafts

Here are a couple of Christmas Crafts that we have done that might inspire you and your children.

We have done gingerbread man activities in the past, kids love to create and freely decorate, so we created another one this year.

I cut out some gingerbread people out of brown paper and gave the girls lots of things to decorate them with.  Paper flowers, buttons, craft foam pieces, and googly eyes.

We work on craft trays all the time to contain messes, so easy to clean up!
Butterfly and her friends glued on their designs to create their gingerbread person!

We have ours hung on our fridge as another cute Christmas decoration in our home!

Another fun craft idea are our Sparkly Trees!

I got some sticky glitter craft foam from the craft store and cut out a big triangle shape, sticking two green glitter triangles back to back.  (The back of the foam sheets peel off to reveal a whole sticky side.)

I let Butterfly go nuts with the blue and purple glitter sticky foam.
She cut out ornament shapes, peeled the back off and decorated her triangle tree.

I also gave her some mini gift bows, in which she used a gold one as a star, and the others as presents under the tree.
Creative girl!

This is a fun sparkly decoration to hang up!

Who needs to buy many decorations at the shop when you have children who can make you many for the holidays! :)
They also make great gifts for Grandparents!

Happy Christmas Crafting!

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