Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Felting Gifts

Here are our latest Felting projects, I made as Christmas Gifts.

Here are our milkweed pod babies.

We gathered some milkweed pods, open and empty them, and fill them with a felted baby!
It looks like the milkweed is their cradle!

I used wooden beads and acorns for the heads.

We have a bamboo tree in our home, Butterfly thought the milkweed babies would look cute hanging and sleeping from this tree before we gave them as gifts.

Here are my Christmas angels that I made, one is a holiday angel and one is a wintery angel.
Don't they look beautiful hanging in a Christmas tree?

I made a pile of mini felted balls.  These babies take awhile!  Oy!  First I needle felt them together to prevent any cracks, and then I wet felt and roll them.  I let them dry for two days before I start to use them.

Then with a needle and embroidery thread I threaded them together, make felted bracelets for Butterfly's Christmas stocking!

Do you want to place an order to own one of my felting projects?
I can make them for you!  Just  EMAIL ME!

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  1. Cute! Pinned.
    Milkweed is a good, natural beauty treatment for warts on the face and neck too


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