Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Card Making Table

I set up a Christmas Card Making Table for Butterfly and her friends,
so that they can make Christmas cards and pass them out to family and friends!

I put the two tables by Butterfly's chalkboard and wrote the main words the girls would be asking to spell for their cards.  This is a great creative project that works on writing practice!  Any other words they needed to spell, I wrote them on the board in front of them.

I got a couple of Christmas card packages from Michaels for just $1.50 each, I know you can get card packages from the dollar store too, it's really inexpensive to provide cards for a writing table.  Children love to fill and decorate their cards and they learn and explore envelopes, fitting the cards in, sealing them, addressing the front with the receiver's name.

I added a few packs of Christmas stickers, coloured pens and pencils for writing, coloured twisty crayons for colouring and creating their own pictures, and a stack of coloured paper.  The paper came in handy when the cards ran out, they were able to practice folding corners together to make their own cards!

Butterfly and her friends had fun giving out their Christmas cards to their loved ones!
And I love creative tables, the children are free to create and make and it keeps them so busy!

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