Thursday, December 12, 2013

3D Christmas Tree Craft!

We made some beautiful Christmas trees!
A great table top centrepiece to display!

Don't they look so sparkly and fancy!

First I gathered up a bunch of supplies on my trusty old craft tray!
Styrofoam cones (found them at Michael's craft store)
Green felt
Sequences and pins
Sparkly pipe cleaners, pom poms, stickers
Glitter glue
Hot glue gun

First cut out a green felt shape that would wrap around the cone.
I used sticky felt, so I just peeled off the back to stick it on.

I bought these sequences and sequence pins from Michaels as well,
which will be used as "ornaments" on the tree!

This is a great fine motor skill for older children to work on.
Butterfly is 6 years old and we had her twin friends over who are 5 years old and all three girls did just fine with the pins, decorating their trees.

You put a pin through the hole of the sequence and then just stick it in the styrofoam felted tree quite easily!

With the hot glue, I did this part for them!  I glued on big yellow pom poms for the stars on top of the trees, then the girls told me where they wanted their pom poms and pipe cleaners and I glued those on for them.  They added sparkly foam star stickers and used glitter glue pens to dab on more decorations!

And there are your homemade centrepieces for your Christmas table, or holiday decoration for around the house made by your child, or even a beautiful handmade gift to give to a loved one!

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  1. I adore how you got the trees to sparkle!!!! What a delightful craft!

  2. I would love to have a set of these in the middle of my Christmas table!

  3. These are beautiful! (They look prettier than our big tree! lol)


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