Friday, December 20, 2013

Peacock Tree Ornament - Kid Made Christmas Ornaments Link Up

Peacocks are all the rage for Christmas tree decorating in the last few years,
and most of you know how much Butterfly and I loooooove peacocks!
So we decided to create a peacock ornament for our tree!  

With this craft, we are participating in
Mama Miss' 20 Days of Kid-made Christmas Ornament Link-up!

The supplies we needed to make this ornament, is green and blue sparkly foam sheets that have the sticky back.  Green and blue feathers, googly eyes, a beak (we used a purple sticky foam piece), ribbon, and a bit of glue.

We cut out two blue ovals for the body and a green "bowling pin" shaped body.

We peeled the back off of one of the blue ovals and Butterfly stuck her feathers on the sticky side in a blue-green pattern, for the peacock's tail.

Then she peeled the back off of the other blue oval and stuck it over top of the feathers on the sticky side.  So both oval's sticky sides are stuck together, holding the feathers in between.

Butterfly peeled the green body and stuck that on top.

Butterfly wanted the circle patterns on the feathers like real peacocks, so she cut out blue and green circles from the same glittery foam sheets and peeled and stuck those on in a pattern as well.

We glued on the googly eyes and ribbon and stuck on the beak.

Easy peasy craft!  It looks great on our white frosty tree!  We have a lot of turquoise, green, purple, and pink ornaments on our tree, so this peacock matches perfectly!!

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Would you like to join in on the fun too?!
Here’s how:
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  2. Just link a KID-MADE ornament you’ve created with your kiddos (limited to 2 a day).
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The link up will be open from December 1st until December 21st for all entries.
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Making Christmas Tree Ornaments

Love these empty ornament balls that can be filled and decorated anyway the child wants!
We bought ours from the Michaels craft store.
We've done paint swirls inside, sand designs, melted crayon, but today we used craft supplies and trinkets to make a couple of colourful ornaments for the tree!
Here are the photos of Butterfly being busy and creative making them.


And here are Butterfly's homemade ornaments on our white frosty tree!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Angel Puppets

Here are our finger puppet angel crafts!

Butterfly and her friends loved making these sweet creations and then they had fun singing their angel song and putting on puppet plays behind the couch!

I gathered up the supplies on a craft tray.
White, pink, yellow craft foam sheets
Embroidery thread and needles
Hot glue gun, glue stick, scissors, pencil, black pen
Glitter, gems, small googly eyes


Click here for a free Angel Pattern that I drew for you, which can be downloaded and cut out to help you trace the angel shapes, with a pencil onto the foam sheet.

I cut out two white angel bodies from the white craft foam.  This is craft foam.  I used the black pen to press tiny holes around the angel to guide the girls of where to poke their needle when sewing the two pieces together. 

The girls sewed the two white angel body pieces together, leaving the bottom of the shape opened.

Yes you can sew craft foam!  It's perfect for beginners!  It is so easy and such a simple sturdy soft material to use when young ones are learning to sew!  A thick needle pokes right in easily and it glides through the foam with no troubles!  We sewed foam sheets before when making treat bags.

The girls never poked themselves when sewing because I gave them thick blunt needles to use.  They just finished using pins for their 3D Christmas Trees, so I trusted them with a real needle.  Most of the time children are more capable than we give them credit for ;)
Next they'll do my ironing! (no, kidding on that one!)

Once the sides are sewn (except for the bottom as this is a finger puppet), the girls chose their details and I hot glued them on for them.  The small oval in the angel pattern is the halo, just slightly fold the foam in half to cut a slit and then cut out an inner circle to make the halo.  Glue on the wings on the back, glue on the hair, eyes, little rosy cheeks if the child wants, and little pink hands.  You can add any pretty gems or fancy accessories.  For the wings, I had the girls use the glue stick to put glue on the wings (this was after we hot glued them to the backs of the angels), and then we did our Glitter No-Mess Secret Method to get their wings all sparkly!

  They are now ready to play with!  The angels work best with two fingers in the puppet, then the child has more control to dance or fly their Christmas angel around!

Remember our Instagram video I posted of the girls singing their Halloween song of the Three Little Witches?  Well in the same context, we made up a song for The Little Angels!
Watch our (oh so "professional") video of their angel-puppet-behind-the-couch show to learn the tune!  The lyrics are below.

One little, two little, three little angels
Flying over Bethlehem, Watching over the manger
One little, two little, three little angels
Singing Holy Night

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Gingerbread Man and Sparkly Tree Christmas Crafts

Here are a couple of Christmas Crafts that we have done that might inspire you and your children.

We have done gingerbread man activities in the past, kids love to create and freely decorate, so we created another one this year.

I cut out some gingerbread people out of brown paper and gave the girls lots of things to decorate them with.  Paper flowers, buttons, craft foam pieces, and googly eyes.

We work on craft trays all the time to contain messes, so easy to clean up!
Butterfly and her friends glued on their designs to create their gingerbread person!

We have ours hung on our fridge as another cute Christmas decoration in our home!

Another fun craft idea are our Sparkly Trees!

I got some sticky glitter craft foam from the craft store and cut out a big triangle shape, sticking two green glitter triangles back to back.  (The back of the foam sheets peel off to reveal a whole sticky side.)

I let Butterfly go nuts with the blue and purple glitter sticky foam.
She cut out ornament shapes, peeled the back off and decorated her triangle tree.

I also gave her some mini gift bows, in which she used a gold one as a star, and the others as presents under the tree.
Creative girl!

This is a fun sparkly decoration to hang up!

Who needs to buy many decorations at the shop when you have children who can make you many for the holidays! :)
They also make great gifts for Grandparents!

Happy Christmas Crafting!

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Felting Gifts

Here are our latest Felting projects, I made as Christmas Gifts.

Here are our milkweed pod babies.

We gathered some milkweed pods, open and empty them, and fill them with a felted baby!
It looks like the milkweed is their cradle!

I used wooden beads and acorns for the heads.

We have a bamboo tree in our home, Butterfly thought the milkweed babies would look cute hanging and sleeping from this tree before we gave them as gifts.

Here are my Christmas angels that I made, one is a holiday angel and one is a wintery angel.
Don't they look beautiful hanging in a Christmas tree?

I made a pile of mini felted balls.  These babies take awhile!  Oy!  First I needle felt them together to prevent any cracks, and then I wet felt and roll them.  I let them dry for two days before I start to use them.

Then with a needle and embroidery thread I threaded them together, make felted bracelets for Butterfly's Christmas stocking!

Do you want to place an order to own one of my felting projects?
I can make them for you!  Just  EMAIL ME!

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