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Top Educational Toys!

Bah!  Christmas is coming!  Again!
Fun times, yes, but now we gotta do the shopping for it.
Don't panic, we've still got time!

I decided to compile a Wish List and post it, as it might help other parents, homeschoolers, and teachers, with gift ideas for their kiddos.

These are some of the top educational toys that are worth it!  They are on my wish list for Butterfly, or we have tried/own it and would like to pass on the ideas.

Affiliate links are in this post for your convenience, if you're like me and like to do your shopping online, hassel free, no crowds and no line-ups and have them delivered right to your door!  It in turn supports Rockabye Butterfly with a tiny percentage, so thank you in advance for your support!

Imaginarium Deluxe Marble Race
We have this and it's a fabulous thinking toy!  Build a marble run with easy to connect tubes, slides and chutes!

Click HERE to see a whole bunch of Marble Runs to choose from!

Gears! Gears! Gears!® Beginner's Building Set
This is another great thinking building toy.  A friend of ours has gears toys and Butterfly always goes to play with it.  You fit a bunch of gears together, then use the crank to turn them all!  I love creative toys that make children think when putting it together to make something work!

Here are more Gear sets to choose from!

Fort Building Kits!  This is on my wish list for Butterfly because she is always trying to build forts and little houses!  Another great building toy using thinking, planning and gross motor skills!  What kid doesn't want a fort to hide in!

Crazy Forts

There are so many options here:  Fort Building Kits

Here's Mighty Mind!  We have this in our homeschool room, you probably have seen photos of Butterfly using this set in our past posts, like HERE , HERE , HERE and HERE. This is an awesome educational toy to have, great in problem-solving, spacial relations, thinking, matching, eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.  It has lots of tangram like cards that progressively get trickier as the child accomplishes each level.  Fabulous to have!

There are more sets to see here, even magnetic sets for travel use, which can be great car games!

Melissa & Doug Wooden Food Sets!  We have some of these sets, and I want to get more of these sets for Butterfly's play kitchen.  Butterfly and her friends love preparing meals for their dolls and stuffed animals and I love how a lot of these sets are velcro-ed so you can pretend to chop them up with kitchen tools!

Here is a post of Butterfly's play kitchen HERE.  She has the KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen and it is awesome! It has stood the test of time, Butterfly is 6 years old now and she still uses it! And I love that it has REAL house colours and it fits right into the decor of a home.  The cupboards are big enough to fit Melissa & Doug Wooden Food Sets in, even the wooden crates and cookie pans they come with.

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Play Kitchen - Item 53260

Ever since posting Butterfly's play kitchen a couple of years ago, quite a few Rockabye readers have bought it for their kids with no complaints, so it seems to still be a big hit!

Have you seen these?  They are everywhere right now!  They are Puppets On A Stick by Educational Insights.  This is a great stocking stuffer idea!  Oh the creativity that can be put into these funny guys!  The green and purple guy will be sticking out of Butterfly's stocking next month!

 Puppet-on-a-Stick™ (set of 3)

We LOVE Calico Critters, all the little animal families you can collect, and the doll house room furniture to outfit your house, and we have the Calico Critters Car too.

More little Calico Critter friends for our dollhouse are on our Wish List!  Butterfly never gets bored setting up her home and making up real life stories with her animals.  She loves looking after the Calico Critter Babies when she plays house with these.  And honestly, I love setting up the house rooms with her!  Dollhouses never grow old, there are so many good childhood memories with dollhouses.

Have you seen this guy around?  This makes a fun stocking stuffer!  I got this last year for Butterfly and she always comes back to it to play with it.  It's a Melting Snowman!  You build your Snowman out of this clay that kind of feels like Silly Putty, and then you add the accessories on him, and you leave him standing there.  After minutes go by he gradually "melts", the clay collapses and falls very slowly, so about an hour later, you have a totally "melted" snowman on the table!  It's so fun to build it and then come back to see it in a "puddle!"  Kids think it's hilarious!

Here's another good one: Mosaic Craft Kits!

Butterfly has had one in the past and loved working on it, she completed all the pictures in the kit.  I ordered another kind for her for Christmas.

The child matches up the colour sticky foam tiles to the numbered spaces to complete a picture!  Great concentration and fine motor crafts!

I actually ordered her two, the second one I got is a Melissa & Doug Peel & Press Sticker By Number - Fairy Set. This one is done on a wooden board with sparkly gem stickers.  She is in love with fairies lately and this will be a good keepsake to hang in her room.  There are other Melissa & Doug Peel & Press Sticker by Number sets available to choose from like planets, horses, dinosaurs, and princesses.

You know how much we love art here, I have this item on Butterfly's wish list!  They are called Master Kitz!  You can create master pieces by famous artists!

There's more art kitz to choose from!  Most children love art and creating, this is a great way to learn different styles by famous artists, and to create your own favourite masterpiece to hang up!

I got this classic game for Butterfly for Christmas (by the way, no spilling the beans on what I got her for Christmas, we are still a whole month away! ;)  Have you ever played the Ker Plunk Game?

Ker-Plunk! Game - Mattel - Toys"R"Us 

You stick in all the sticks through the holes and then pour the marbles in from the top, each player takes a turn to pull out a stick but you have to make sure the marbles don't drop on your turn!!  It's a fun easy game to play with friends that don't require a lot of instruction, and it's great for eye hand coordination, plus a lot of thinking skills as the children look under to see which stick is the safest to pull!

This one is on my wish list for Butterfly, a Jumparoo Pogo Stick!!  Need I say more?  We all know how many wiggly beans children are made of!  This new popular gross motor toy will help get that energy out!

Parents, remember the Pogo Balls back in our childhood days?  Well, they are BACK!  Geospace Jumparoo Air Pogo Jumper!  Can you put this on MY Christmas list?  These were so much fun to jump with, I have to get one for Butterfly!

Oh there are so many good quality gift ideas out there for kids now!
Just click on this link:  Educational Toys and your Wish List will grow longer!  So much fun to be had!!

Happy Christmas Shopping!

If you have any questions on any of these products, or products you've seen on our website, if you need any help with your Christmas shopping decisions, or you just wanna send me
a Christmas card :)  just EMAIL ME HERE!

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