Monday, November 25, 2013

Ripped Paper Owl Art

 Here is a Ripped Paper Owl craft that Butterfly and I worked on together.
I love how the ripped white paper gives the art texture making the owl's feathers looking feathery!


Materials needed:
Black paper for the night sky.
Yellow craft foam (or yellow paper)
White paper
Brown paper
Googly eyes
Orange craft foam (or orange paper)
White Chalk
White pencil crayon


First cut a brown branch and glue this on to the black night sky.
Then use a white pencil crayon to draw your owl outline.
I directed Butterfly to make it a big fat snowman with two balls, but then add pointy owl ears on top.

 We used yellow craft foam, traced a drinking glass to make a round circle and glued a moon on.

 Then we started ripping up a piece of white paper to make the feathers.
Not large pieces and not tiny pieces, just an inch or two sized pieces.

 Once we had our pile of ripped paper, we started gluing on our feathers onto the owl outline we drew.

 When the feathers were all on, we cut out a beak and little feet out of orange craft foam and glued them on, along with some googly eyes.

 Lastly, use the white chalk, or the while pencil crayon, to add night stars in the sky!

Hoo Hoo likes this craft? :)


  1. This looks nice; great idea to make feathers with torn paper pieces :)

    1. Thanks Diane! :) There's lots of good eye-hand coordination and concentration skills practiced for kids when tearing paper into shapes!


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