Monday, November 4, 2013

Latest Felting Projects

I thought I'd share our latest felting and sewing projects.

We made a felted Fall Fairy that hangs outside on our porch, that wears Fall colours, carries Fall coloured flowers,
and wears a walnut leaf hat!


I made Butterfly a sweet kitten.  She said she wanted a black and white cat, so I needle felted this in one night for her.


How cute is my Love Birdie?!
He sits all comfy in his nest waiting to be played with.

He has cute little feet...

... and even a heart on his bum!

He is a perfect round ball shape.
Wouldn't this make a sweet new baby/ baby shower gift?  Babies love putting toys in and out of things, and they love balls!  He's the right size for their sweet little hands.

I wet felted the ball body, and I wet felted the nest over a plastic toy ball to form the shape.
I allowed two days for them to completely dry, then I needle felted the details on the Love Birdie!

I pinned this craft awhile back, and decided to make a little gnome for Butterfly.
She had a really bad cough so I told her this is a coughing gnome.  He catches your coughs and throws them to the sun, and then sticks around to make children who aren't feeling well, laugh and giggle with his peek-a-boo tricks!

I started with a 6 or 7 inch square of material,

and then hand-sewed the corners up inside out.

I flipped it right side out and filled the bottom with some rice.  I rolled up a piece of paper to make a funnel to get all the rice inside.  Then I stuffed some wool in the rest of the space.  The rice will help the gnome be a little bottom heavy so it can sit up right.


I sewed the top together and then sewed on a wooden bead for the head.


I cut out a triangle gnome hat from wool felt and sewed the two edges together,


then hot glued it on his head and added a green ribbon scarf.


I added two little green buttons for accessories.
Wouldn't it be cute to make a bunch of these little gnomes in rainbow colours?

For more Felting project inspiration, visit my Nature/Waldorf Pinterest board!

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