Monday, November 18, 2013

Birds on a Wire Art Project

Here's a sweet art project that we made, it's called "Birds on a Wire."

What you will need is a page to paint on, we used a thick watercolour paper, some water colour paints, and we used a sponge foam brush.

First we painted our sky backgrounds.

Any way we wanted, with whatever water colours we wanted.

Then we let them dry.

Next, we found some patterned paper to make our birds.  If you want the hand-drawn birds I created for this project,
click here into my printable shop and you can download the pattern for free!

I had the girls estimate how long their "wire" needs to be to fit across the page, before actually measuring.
We used a bit of spacial math thinking before we actually cut the right size of yarn.

We taped the two ends of the yarn to the back of the background page,

then Butterfly and her friend glued on their birds to make them look like they are sitting on a wire!

How adorable are these!

Art skills practiced in this project are, water painting, tracing, cutting and gluing, estimating lengths, and practice using scotch tape!

Birds on a wire art project, so simple and so pretty!

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  1. I love how your project turned out. It is adorable. My daughter would love it. I found this post at the Kids co-op. I would love it if you shared a post at my new link-up:


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