Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Magic of Think

The Magic of Think 

 We received Janyse Jaud's The Magic of Think workbook and CD.
What a fabulous curriculum on social and emotional learning!
 These stories on CD, and the activity book to go with it, really focuses on the emotional well-being of the child, and decision making on how to handle life's conflicts.

There are three heros to explore with.
Little Red deals with bullying, individuality, courage, and emotions.
Coochi Coo teaches how to deal with anxiety, worry, fear (of the dark), and courage.
Aldis teaches imagination, persistence, belief, goals, and courage.

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Here is a bit of what you hear in the stories on the CD.

I love the variety of activities in the workbook, based on each character's journey and lessons.
There is even a Courage Certificate in the back of the book!

Butterfly's and I's favourite lesson would be when Aldis teaches visualization.  "Think about your goal, Imagine yourself achieving your goal.  See it, Feel it, then Believe it!!"


Besides Math and Reading, these are lessons we should be including in our child's day as well!
We give Janyse's work two thumbs up!

Janyse Jaud is the voice actress that makes these characters come alive!
She also plays "Orange Blossom" on Strawberry Shortcake - a favourite in our house!

Check out The Magic of Think and Janyse's blog HERE.

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