Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin in the Night Art Lesson

I found this beautiful art lesson from Deep Space Sparkle and I knew Butterfly would love it.
I love it because it teaches so many art concepts being a multi-step mixed media art project.
And it makes a beautiful art piece to hang up during the Fall/ Halloween time.

We started with a large paper for the background, Butterfly painted the whole paper black, to make it a dark night.  We use children's washable tempera non-toxic paint.

 While the black background was drying, we used a smaller piece of paper to draw the pumpkin.  Using oil pastels I taught Butterfly to start with an oval shape in the middle and then build out curved lines going from the top and bottom of the oval, to eventually form a pumpkin.  She drew a curved stem on top.  Great lesson on curved lines.

For a colour mixing reminder lesson, I asked Butterfly what two colours will make orange for her pumpkin.  She used red and yellow and did some colour mixing to paint her pumpkin.

Same thing for the green leaves, we used blue and yellow so she could colour mix to form her leaf colour.

 Then I asked what if we mixed all three primary colours together?  She mixed blue, red, and yellow and found she got brown, which she used to paint her stem.

 Now we had to wait for the pumpkin to dry.  (We used a hair dryer to speed up this process, she was anxious to put her artwork all together! :)  When it was dry, she cut out the pumpkin and the leaves and then glued them on to her black background.

 I gave her some chalk pastel, regular white chalk works fine too, to make a moon and stars.
She smudged the white chalk, with her finger, in a circular motion to give the moon a glow!

Then with a green chalk pastel Butterfly dew the curly green vines under the pumpkin.
(Sorry for the blurry photos, she was working fast!)

 Then add some of the same curved lines, with the white chalk, on to the pumpkin to form highlights, this is the lighting from the moon!

Finished!  A pumpkin in the night artwork to hang up for the Fall season!  So pretty!

This art project teaches mixed media, multi-steps and multi-layers, curved lines, cutting and pasting, lighting/ adding highlights, primary colour mixing, and composition.  Excellent!


  1. I work as an occupational therapist with preschoolers and I just tried this project out with the children today. I loved it and so did they!! Great mix of craft materials as well as important lessons! We used green craft sand to sprinkle underneath the pumpkin to make it look like grass and to add some more sensations to enhance their sensory experience. We also twisted and glued on cut-up green pipe cleaners to add more vines. Thank you for positing!

    1. That's awesome Jen!! Thanks for writing to me about it, I love all the sensory add-ons! If you have time, I would love it if you posted a photo of your finished product on my FB page! I'm dying to see!! :))


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