Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Hammering

I have seen this Pumpkin Hammering activity all over Pinterest for awhile,
so I thought I'd set this up for Butterfly to give it a try!

 I always use a tray for everything, keeps the activity and the pieces contained, doesn't damage table tops, makes cleaning up messes easy, and everything feels together and organized.

 All that was needed was a small pumpkin, golf tees, small hammer, and elastic bands.

 This is great for fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, and practicing with tools!

 What kid would not want to hammer golf tees into a pumpkin!

I showed Butterfly on how to hold the "nail" in one hand, use the hammer in the other hand, tapping it gently until the golf tee is in the pumpkin standing on it's own, then let go of the tee, moving the hand to the side, while the hammer hand can pound the tee down.

Bring out some elastic bands and the pumpkin is now a Geoboard!

Butterfly created designs all around her pumpkin.

Butterfly said this one has a happy face and a crown on her head!

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