Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hand & Foot Print Peacock Art

One morning this week, Butterfly woke up with a craft idea.  (I love how she is getting these creative craft ideas from her own head!)  She said, "I know how to make a peacock with my foot and hand prints, Mommy!  We need paint and paper!"

 This weekend, we made her art image alive!

We got paint and paper, she took off her socks and she knew what to do!

She wanted to paint her foot blue for the peacock body, and then green paint on her hand to make the feathered tail.

 Tip:  Have wet wipes or a wet cloth on hand to quickly clean up the paint from the foot and hand.

I am amazed she imagined this, she's getting so creative!

Next she used her finger to print on blue dots on the feathers, as she noticed from real peacocks.

She added yellow for the peacock's feathered head, eyes and beak, and her toes became the bird's feet!

I had to post Butterfly's idea of how to make a peacock using your foot and hand!
So cute!  This is now hanging proudly on our fridge :)

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