Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Sewing Crafts

Here are a couple of Halloween craft activities that Butterfly accomplished this past weekend, that work on the fine motor skills for children and it practices the art of sewing!

The first project is a Halloween treat bag.  I cut out two squares with a handle out of an orange craft foam sheet.  I used a hole punch to punch holes around the squares.  (I held the two squares together to do this to make sure the holes were lined up with each other for sewing.)  I also used black craft foam to cut out a simple pumpkin face.  Then all you need is yarn, a thick child-friendly plastic darning needle, and glue!  Simple simple but so cute!


I doubled up on the yarn so the needle doesn't keep falling off a single line like it does often for Butterfly when she pulls it through a hole, and then I just did a simple knot and slip knot to secure the first hole.


I showed Butterfly to go under the hole and up through it, for each hole...


...and pulling the yarn fully out before entering the next hole.


She stitched the whole treat bag, and then I just knotted the last hole before cutting the excess yarn off.


 Butterfly then glued on the pumpkin face to the front of the bag.


When the glue was set, we made a little gift tag and tied with a ribbon to one of the handles, and then filled the treat bag with treats of course!  So easy to make and great for kids to practice the sewing concept.  Because it was so fast to make, I can picture us making a bunch of these to hand out to our closest friends at a Halloween party!


Here's another sewing idea- a button necklace!
This activity emphasizes going in and out of button holes, while also creating a pattern!


Using craft foam again, my 1-1/2-Inch Circle Flower Punch, and a hole puncher, I made orange black Halloween buttons!


 I started the first button for Butterfly, and tied a knot on it so it didn't slide off the end during the project, but still leaving a bit of yarn end to be able to tie the necklace together when finished.


 Butterfly went under and up one hole and down and through the next hole, weaving the yarn in the button and sliding it down to last button on the necklace.


 She continued her pattern of black, orange, black, orange.
A multi-tasking thinking hand project is what a Mama-Teacher likes for her little learning girl!


This kept her busy and thinking for awhile.


 Then her Halloween button necklace was done!
A perfect simple no-messy craft idea for a Halloween party as well!

 Happy Halloween Crafting!

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