Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pumpkin Hammering

I have seen this Pumpkin Hammering activity all over Pinterest for awhile,
so I thought I'd set this up for Butterfly to give it a try!

 I always use a tray for everything, keeps the activity and the pieces contained, doesn't damage table tops, makes cleaning up messes easy, and everything feels together and organized.

 All that was needed was a small pumpkin, golf tees, small hammer, and elastic bands.

 This is great for fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, and practicing with tools!

 What kid would not want to hammer golf tees into a pumpkin!

I showed Butterfly on how to hold the "nail" in one hand, use the hammer in the other hand, tapping it gently until the golf tee is in the pumpkin standing on it's own, then let go of the tee, moving the hand to the side, while the hammer hand can pound the tee down.

Bring out some elastic bands and the pumpkin is now a Geoboard!

Butterfly created designs all around her pumpkin.

Butterfly said this one has a happy face and a crown on her head!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin in the Night Art Lesson

I found this beautiful art lesson from Deep Space Sparkle and I knew Butterfly would love it.
I love it because it teaches so many art concepts being a multi-step mixed media art project.
And it makes a beautiful art piece to hang up during the Fall/ Halloween time.

We started with a large paper for the background, Butterfly painted the whole paper black, to make it a dark night.  We use children's washable tempera non-toxic paint.

 While the black background was drying, we used a smaller piece of paper to draw the pumpkin.  Using oil pastels I taught Butterfly to start with an oval shape in the middle and then build out curved lines going from the top and bottom of the oval, to eventually form a pumpkin.  She drew a curved stem on top.  Great lesson on curved lines.

For a colour mixing reminder lesson, I asked Butterfly what two colours will make orange for her pumpkin.  She used red and yellow and did some colour mixing to paint her pumpkin.

Same thing for the green leaves, we used blue and yellow so she could colour mix to form her leaf colour.

 Then I asked what if we mixed all three primary colours together?  She mixed blue, red, and yellow and found she got brown, which she used to paint her stem.

 Now we had to wait for the pumpkin to dry.  (We used a hair dryer to speed up this process, she was anxious to put her artwork all together! :)  When it was dry, she cut out the pumpkin and the leaves and then glued them on to her black background.

 I gave her some chalk pastel, regular white chalk works fine too, to make a moon and stars.
She smudged the white chalk, with her finger, in a circular motion to give the moon a glow!

Then with a green chalk pastel Butterfly dew the curly green vines under the pumpkin.
(Sorry for the blurry photos, she was working fast!)

 Then add some of the same curved lines, with the white chalk, on to the pumpkin to form highlights, this is the lighting from the moon!

Finished!  A pumpkin in the night artwork to hang up for the Fall season!  So pretty!

This art project teaches mixed media, multi-steps and multi-layers, curved lines, cutting and pasting, lighting/ adding highlights, primary colour mixing, and composition.  Excellent!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hand & Foot Print Peacock Art

One morning this week, Butterfly woke up with a craft idea.  (I love how she is getting these creative craft ideas from her own head!)  She said, "I know how to make a peacock with my foot and hand prints, Mommy!  We need paint and paper!"

 This weekend, we made her art image alive!

We got paint and paper, she took off her socks and she knew what to do!

She wanted to paint her foot blue for the peacock body, and then green paint on her hand to make the feathered tail.

 Tip:  Have wet wipes or a wet cloth on hand to quickly clean up the paint from the foot and hand.

I am amazed she imagined this, she's getting so creative!

Next she used her finger to print on blue dots on the feathers, as she noticed from real peacocks.

She added yellow for the peacock's feathered head, eyes and beak, and her toes became the bird's feet!

I had to post Butterfly's idea of how to make a peacock using your foot and hand!
So cute!  This is now hanging proudly on our fridge :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hand-Drawn Pumpkin Printables


Gosh, I love Fall, don't you?  The colours on the trees are looking so beautiful, and I love the big pumpkins Butterfly picked that are proudly sitting on our front porch!

I have a new set of Hand-Drawn Printables for your Pumpkin Season!

 No child can resist designing their own Jack-o-latern, with a little printing and spelling practice in there too!  Plus, finding and recognizing the letter P!

A Pumpkin Wordsearch, and Pumpkin Math!


 Fill in the missing numbers on the Pumpkin Patch, and counting and graphing practice with Jack-o-lanterns.


 Which one is different, and cutting and pasting pumpkins in size order.

A perfect Fall pack to work on skills for kindergarten and first graders.  It's also great to have themed worksheets on hand for those who are done their work first!


Fun Times:  Have your children/ students used any of Rockabye Butterfly's Hand-Drawn Printables? Post a photo of your child working on them/ or their completed pages on our Facebook Wall and I will feature your pictures!! We'll send every participant a free hand-drawn printable!  Butterfly and I can't wait to see them used by other children!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Sewing Crafts

Here are a couple of Halloween craft activities that Butterfly accomplished this past weekend, that work on the fine motor skills for children and it practices the art of sewing!

The first project is a Halloween treat bag.  I cut out two squares with a handle out of an orange craft foam sheet.  I used a hole punch to punch holes around the squares.  (I held the two squares together to do this to make sure the holes were lined up with each other for sewing.)  I also used black craft foam to cut out a simple pumpkin face.  Then all you need is yarn, a thick child-friendly plastic darning needle, and glue!  Simple simple but so cute!


I doubled up on the yarn so the needle doesn't keep falling off a single line like it does often for Butterfly when she pulls it through a hole, and then I just did a simple knot and slip knot to secure the first hole.


I showed Butterfly to go under the hole and up through it, for each hole...


...and pulling the yarn fully out before entering the next hole.


She stitched the whole treat bag, and then I just knotted the last hole before cutting the excess yarn off.


 Butterfly then glued on the pumpkin face to the front of the bag.


When the glue was set, we made a little gift tag and tied with a ribbon to one of the handles, and then filled the treat bag with treats of course!  So easy to make and great for kids to practice the sewing concept.  Because it was so fast to make, I can picture us making a bunch of these to hand out to our closest friends at a Halloween party!


Here's another sewing idea- a button necklace!
This activity emphasizes going in and out of button holes, while also creating a pattern!


Using craft foam again, my 1-1/2-Inch Circle Flower Punch, and a hole puncher, I made orange black Halloween buttons!


 I started the first button for Butterfly, and tied a knot on it so it didn't slide off the end during the project, but still leaving a bit of yarn end to be able to tie the necklace together when finished.


 Butterfly went under and up one hole and down and through the next hole, weaving the yarn in the button and sliding it down to last button on the necklace.


 She continued her pattern of black, orange, black, orange.
A multi-tasking thinking hand project is what a Mama-Teacher likes for her little learning girl!


This kept her busy and thinking for awhile.


 Then her Halloween button necklace was done!
A perfect simple no-messy craft idea for a Halloween party as well!

 Happy Halloween Crafting!

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