Friday, September 6, 2013

Ordinal Numbers Printables

Welcome back to school work!
We've had a great Summer and we are slowly getting back into a routine.
I made this fabulous printable pack on Ordinal Numbers to teach Butterfly "first, second, third, fourth, ect..."

 This pack has 7 pages of different ordinal number activities.

I use lots of sweet hand-drawn pictures as I know this catches Butterfly's eye and children love to colour their worksheets!


Match up what first, second, third.... look like in number form!

There are also worksheets in the pack that practise writing the ordinal word with it's number and the abbreviation number with it!  Example: "1- first - 1st" so the child can really understand what these words mean and the number they associate with.

 To get this Ordinal Number Printable Pack, Click Here!


  1. now that our son is in preschool, I see how important these kinds of activities are! Having him follow precise directions to color one scoop one color and another a different color is a big deal when starting out!

  2. What a wonderful pack! Thank you!!


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