Thursday, September 12, 2013

Introducing Fractions with Pizza!

I've introduced the dreaded F-word.... FRACTIONS! ... to Butterfly and her friends.
But I must say introducing this Math concept wasn't so dreadful when you make it fun... with PIZZA!

 So first, I had the girls make their own pizza for lunch!  A healthy and easy way is to use whole wheat pita bread.  They added on sauce, zucchinis, and grated cheese.

Tip:  If you do this with more than one child, cut strips of wax paper, use a Sharpie and write their name on the strip.  Place part of the wax paper strip, with their name on it, under their pizza!  That way when you take them out of the oven and the cheese is all melted making their masterpieces look different, you can all tell who made what pizza, and they are able to eat the one they made for themselves!  

When it was baked and ready to eat, we used a pizza cutter and cut our personalized pizzas into fourths!  We talked about halves, then cutting the 2 pieces in half again to make fourths!  When they grabbed a piece to eat, we talked about eating 1/4th, or a "quarter" of the pizza!  When they finished their second piece of pizza we talked about how half of the pizza is now gone!

 Then we did a fun pizza craft, because kids have to craft out everything!  We used paper plates for the pizza crust, red paint to paint on the sauce, and we cut up bits of green paper for veggies, yellow strips for grated cheese and orange circles for pepperoni!  The children glued on their toppings when the red paint was dry.

 I took out our wooden fraction puzzle and asked them what this looked like.  The girls said, "PIZZAS!"  We talked about each "pizza" on the puzzle, counted how many slices are in each pizza, and I inserted some fraction terms when they finished counting.  I asked them if we were to eat one of these pizzas, which pizza would have enough slices for us?  They chose the 1/4 pizza because there were four of us in the room!

We also measured up some slices, we put a 1/8 slice over a quarter slice and discovered that when you cut a quarter slice in half it becomes a 1/8 slice!  And if a pizza had no cut slices in it they learned the word "whole."

I didn't get too technical of how to write the fractions, I did a little explanation because Butterfly asked why it's written "1/4", I answered and left it at that.  If I taught more about how to write fractions it would have been too much at this introductory age.

I had prepared pages like this for them to build their own pizza fractions by matching the colours and making whole pizzas with their slices.

Eight circles, each pizza a different colour, and I labelled the fractions on each slice just so they can continue to see what a fraction looks like as they glue their pieces together.

I had each of their page started like this, I glued down one slice for each pizza to get them started.

 I placed the pieces in piles on a tray for the children to reach.

They then matched the colours, and counted the slices in each pizza, as they finished their fraction sheet.

See! Fractions aren't scary!  They are just pizza slices!  Mmmm...
(Well, until you get to high school Math! eeek!)

 Need some Fraction resources for your Classroom/ School Room?  Here are some suggestions below.  I get a lot of our School Room materials from Amazon, click on the picture to find out more.

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