Friday, September 13, 2013

Art Class Masterpieces

You know how much Butterfly LOVES Art?  Well she went to an Art Class this Summer and I have to show you some of her Masterpieces as a little Friday Fun post.  I am just blown away by these!

 She came home with a framed light house!  Beautiful mixed media in this piece.  The rocky cliff has sand in the brown paint to add land texture, there's painted ocean waves, and the light house, sun and clouds are done with clay which really make them pop!  There are even diamonds in the lighthouse!

 Look at this wonderfully drawn koala bear!!  Butterfly said she learned step by step on how to draw a koala, filling the page, and using a pencil first.  Then she outlined in black marker, then used water paints to add the colour.  The shaded grey on the koala bear is pencil using a pencil Smudger, or Tortillion.

Here's an acrylic painted canvas of a birch tree trunk in a forest by the water.

And how cute is this mixed media owl piece, on a wooden board!  Using different designed papers and clay for the sky features and beak.  Adorable!!

These are all placed around the house, beautiful art to hang up!  I'm very proud of Butterfly!
Hoping these pieces will inspire you on some new Art Adventures!

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