Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Apple Printables & Apple-tivities!

It's Apple Time!

Let's bring out some new Hand-Drawn Apple Printables and some "Apple-tivity" ideas!

8 Pages of APPLE Printables!
For ages approx. 3-7 yrs.


This pack includes:
Printing Practise for Letter Aa, and Writing the word apple.
Alphabet Dot-to-Dots
Apple Graphing
Cut and Paste apple Math- basic addition and subtraction.
Recognizing and Circling all the Upper case and Lower case Aa's when amongst other letters.
Cut and Paste to finish the Apple Pattern Sequences.



** All Hand-Drawn Printables!! **
Printer friendly! Doesn't use a lot of color ink like clip art images.


Here are some past posts that will inspire you for more "Apple-tivity" ideas!

So many apple ideas, like...

...Apple Printing!

Apple trees with hand and foot cut-out prints, and using painted thumb-print apples for counting!


Along with apple books, an apple snack idea, and lots of apple song and poems that can be used with or without a felt board!  Click here to see the whole post for these ideas!

Here's another one of our Apple-tivity posts from the past.

Unwrap the apple gifts to find your lunch underneath!

And have the apples for dessert!

From our Sorting Opposites post, do apples float?

So many Letter A ideas on this post, A is for Apple!

Click here to find many more Letter A is for Apple ideas!

To get your Apple Hand-Drawn Printable Pack, click HERE!

Thanks for your support! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing this fun post at my weekly linky party at Crystal & Co. I just shared with all of my facebook fans and I'm headed over to pin it right now! :)

  2. I love all your apple ideas! I'm pinning it in my Free Printables Board!


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