Sunday, August 11, 2013

Peace Wreath

Hello everyone!  Have you all been enjoying your Summer as much as we have?
Here's a sweet craft I made for our home while feeling Summer-relaxed!
I created a Peace Wreath that hangs origami cranes!



I got some of this Origami Paper, and then got a metal ring and an artificial greenery garland from the Michael's craft store.  I wrapped the vine around the metal ring, smooshing the leaves close together to hide all of the metal.

I then used a YouTube tutorial to complete 8 cranes.

I used a needle to poke white thread through the top of the crane and left a long thread string for hanging.

Then I assembled it all in the spot where I wanted to hang it.  I used the same white thread to make four strings to hang the wreath horizontally, all tied together at the top where it hangs on a Screw Hook from the ceiling.

I attached the cranes in all different lengths, to whatever you desire on how you want the mobile to look.

It's a pretty decoration for home or a classroom to remind us to remain peaceful.  This would also be a great idea to hang over a Peaceful Spot in a classroom or at home.  It can also be a great project or decoration when learning about Japan and Origami.

Everyone is getting ready for Back To School!  I have noticed that a lot of parents and teachers are in Curriculum-Shopping mode for the new school year!  Yay!  I want to help you out!  So guess what?
I am having a SALE on all my Hand-Drawn Printables at my Teacher's Pay Teachers store!!
Starting Monday, August 12 until Thursday, August 15th, EVERYTHING that has a price in my TPT store is 20% off!!
 Go nuts and gather for the school year before it goes back to regular price on Friday.  I have even lowered some of my prices on the holiday/seasonal packages that you can gather for your themes for next year!
I thank you so much for supporting Butterfly and I in our schooling adventures, as we help you in yours!  :)


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