Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Sunny Fun Salad

I made up a fun Summer Salad recipe to go with my Summer Sunny Fun Pinterest group board!  My Summer Sunny Fun Pinterest board has lot of ideas on what to do with the kids this Summer!  So many other mommy bloggers have joined me and pinned so many of their Summer ideas too!

I came up with this healthy recipe for a Summer dinner for my family, plus some to share with our Homeschool group, and thought  I'd share the recipe here.  I had searched lots of recipes online with the ingredients that I had and decided to just throw those out the window and make it up as I go along!

I decided to call this my Summer Sunny Fun Salad to match my Summer Sunny Fun Pinterest group board!

So this salad is loaded with yummy veggies!  I try to include lots of fresh veggies from the outdoor farmer's market if I can.  First I sauteed with oil, the harder crunchier veggies to make them softer, like the carrots, celery, peppers, some zucchini and even radishes!  Lots of chopping up to do on the cutting board!

To make the process faster, I'll find a pot lid to cover them on the frying pan for a few minutes for quick steaming, it gets them soft and cooked a little faster!

Hello yummy-ness!  Check out all those colours!

While all that veggie action is happening, I had some brown rice cooking on the stove top as well.  You  can use rice or quinoa or pasta to go with  this.  We had brown rice this time, I think next time I will try this with quinoa.

When the veggies were done- not very cooked, but enough to poke a fork through, I drained all the loose oil from them in a strainer.

Let's get some protein action in here!

I rinsed some prepared organic beans.  A mixture of them.

I got out a bunch of spices to play with.  I used a dash of vinegar and extra virgin oil, even a splash of lemon juice (not shown in picture), I used some salad salt, pepper, basil and oregano.  Not a lot but enough to give a taste.  That's right, this chick has no teaspoon or tablespoon measurements because  you get to make it the way you like it! Hehe :)

Mix it all together, add in some chopped cucumbers, chill it in the fridge, and then bring it out for dinner and let's have a Summer par-tay!

Now this has made me hungry for it, I think I will make this for our outdoor backyard dinner tonight!! Mmmmm!

Come follow my Summer Sunny Fun Pinterest group board!

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