Thursday, July 25, 2013

Forest Fairy Play

Butterfly and I explored a forest with some friends one day and one of the forest assignments was to go off together to a secret part of the forest to build a Fairy House!


We found a pile of chopped wood and a bunch of fallen pieces of bark from the pile.
Butterfly got to work making a secret little house for the forest fairies.


While she was constructing, we talked about the forest sounds we were hearing and even found a little green caterpillar under the branch of leaves we were sitting by.

We looked up at the forest tops together and Butterfly mentioned how peaceful this was.

I stated that I was grateful for the trees and the sun shining for us today.

We continued to explore the forest a little more.  It was a pretty time together, to be immersed in nature, talk about what we saw, and to remember to chat about the gratefulness we feel for it all.


Butterfly was excited to leave the fairy house in  the forest in hope's it will be inhabited during the night!

And speaking of fairy gardens, remember the ones we made together earlier this season?


Look how much the fairy flowers have grown  in our little gardens now!


It's a little forest for the fairies to hide in when they want privacy in their fairy homes.


Butterfly still checks the fairy gardens to find little surprises that fairies leave her!

We enjoy the time spent together, especially when it's wrapped in pure nature with a dash of imagination!

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  1. What a lovely way to spend your day... I can't wait until my niece is a little bit older so we can have some of these adventures. My 12 year old son isn't exactly up for playing 'fairies' with me! Thank you for sharing.


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