Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Daria Music

Daria from Daria Music sent us this wonderful package of her World Music for Children.

Daria sings lots of music from around the world and introduces many types of instruments and beats that are used in many cultures to give children a variety and an appreciation for all types of music.

I thought this was a great opportunity for Butterfly as I try to provide this to her all the time when we play all kinds of music from the around the world.

Daria has great craft ideas on her site, especially ideas on how to make different kinds of instruments.
We decided to make our own didgeridoo, a large wooden Australian wind instrument.

We used a long mailing tube from our 100 Chart Poster that we had ordered from Amazon.

I used some coloured duct tape to cover mailing tags to make it prettier and some tape on the two ends of the tube.  I folded some tape inside at the mouth piece end that she would be making the sounds with.

Didgeridoos are usually very decorated, so Butterfly got to work right away decorating hers with Sharpie markers and stickers.

Notice how we changed around our school room that includes a big girl table now and access to all the craft supplies and activities that she wants to create with!

Didgeridoos are big!  She continued her decorating on the floor :)

It was ready to play!  Did you know when you blow into the didgeridoo you use a "raspberry blow" with your lips?  We used this video to learn how to play ours and to make it sound like a real didgeridoo.

Check our Daria's Didgeridoo song "You Gotta Didg" and some of her other music videos!

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