Thursday, June 20, 2013

Promise Monsters, Meet Squiggly

Well we got ours in the mail!  Meet Squiggly!

I love that it's hand-made in the city it was created in, and even signed by the sew-er!


We even received a personal note from the creators!


Squiggly got an instant cuddle from Butterfly!


Promise Monsters come with a Top Secret mission!

"Be sneaky, be kind, have fun!"

Here was Butterfly's Monster Mission... to Ungrumpify someone!

Lo and behold, she chose me! :)  I guess I was looking grumpy one day!
Butterfly took time in her craft room and made such beautiful pictures, she had hidden them under my pillow on my bed.  When I went to bed that night, moved my pillow to get comfy, there was a paper folded all nice under my pillow!  She definitely surprised me and she definitely made me smile!  Mission completed!

Now we'll scratch the secret code part on the mission card and redeem an accessory for Squiggly!  Until then Squiggly has been hanging out on Butterfly's leg and pockets, and being carried around from place to place, as they enjoy their kindness play together!


Check out Promise Monsters!
Another great gift idea!

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