Monday, June 17, 2013

Horseback Riding

Photo Dump Day!!

I took Butterfly horseback riding with her Homeschool friends, one of our Moms in our group rides, so she toured the children around, teaching them about riding gear and how to take care of the horses.  Butterfly LOVES animals, I think the best part for her was brushing her pony and feeding it apples and carrots!  It was a great day!

"I'll scratch my back if you scratch mine!"  says the BFF horses :)

This dude was hilarious!  He smiled for us!!

Next up, we leave the kids home and the Moms will be going horse back riding! Wahoo!


  1. We started Transportation week of our second week of Summer Camp 2013 with a horse. The students did not ride but they saw tricks, petted him, brushed him, and sat on a simulated saddle stand.

  2. I bet the kids enjoyed that day. Nice that you could break away and go riding yourselves. Love the photo captions.


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