Tuesday, June 11, 2013


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We received Curlformers to review and I must say, we LOVE Curlformers!!!

Curlformers curl your hair with no hot curling irons.  Butterfly used to sit for awhile on a chair if I wanted to curl her long thick hair.  Now I just use these Curlformers making it so much faster and gentler on her hair.

We got the Super Long and Wide Styling Kit for Butterfly.  Butterfly's hair has never been cut (the bottom of her hair is her baby hair!)  Her hair reaches way past her waist and is thick, so this kit was perfect for her!  We also got the Long and Extra Wide Styling Kit for my hair.  My hair reaches to my shoulder blades and is thick as well, I like the wider curls for my hair.

Each kit comes with two styling hooks, you push a hook through the curler, hook a piece of hair on the hook and pull the piece of hair right through the curler!  It's so simple and fast and smooth to do.

Best way to prepare hair for it, is to have it freshly washed and damp.  I kept a spray bottle of water near by so by the time I reached the other side of Butterfly's hair, if the hair dried, I would dampen it again.  I don't put any product in Butterfly's hair, the curls stay well in her hair for the day.  With my hair, I wash it, have it damp, and put some mousse through it, then put the curlers in.  I need the extra hold for my thick hair.

Here's the strips of hair in curlers on Butterfly's hair.

This is her head all finished with the Curlformers in.

Here's my hair with the long and wide set in.

Curlformers also sent us their new Softhood.

The Softhood is like the hair dryers at the salon.  You put the hood on and there's a draw string and chin strap to secure it on, and then you put your hair dryer at the end of the tube and leave it on.  I started it in Butterfly's hair, but being 5yrs old, she of course did not like the idea of sitting that long.  She was okay to sleep in her Curlformers and then we just took them out the next morning.  It didn't ruin her sleep at all and the Curlformers are pretty secure that none of them fell out or slid.  They were still on well come the morning.

For our hair it takes pretty long to thoroughly dry, I used the Softhood for over 45 min. and then also touched it with just the hair dryer over the Curlformers before removing them.  But I have really thick hair.  The average time for a Softhood dry is about 20-30min.

Here's Butterfly's hair the next morning, with the Curlformers freshly taken out.

The next photo is her hair after I separated the curls.  I took the curls and separated them into two or three pieces to make more curls in her hair, making it fuller and curlier.  Still with no product in her hair and no hot curling irons.  I love it that her hair was like this all day long with no damage that had to be done to it.

She put a cute sparkly pink headband in and she was ready for the day!  I am so glad she can sleep in the Curlformers with no problem.  They took about 15-20 minutes to put them in after her bath, and then about 5 minutes to take the Curlformers out!  Can you see why we LOVE these!!!

And here's my hair with the Curlformers freshly out in the morning, the night before I slept in mine too.
My curls stayed in all day.

It looked like I was ready for a wedding!  So pretty!

Check out Curlformers' website, you can see all they have to offer, plus they have a whole YouTube Channel that shows the how-to's and tutorials and styles on how to use them.

We will now be curling our hair this way, with it being fast and easy, we can have this style more often for our straight hair!  I also love that on the second day my hair has a bouncy wave and I still use the style before washing again.

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  1. Sooooo pretty. Nice that you can sleep in them.

  2. How easily does your hair hold a curl normally? I've looked at these (my hair is about 40" long, and thick). They look easy to use, but my hair doesn't like to hold a curl :(

    1. My hair is the same way, it's thick and doesn't hold curls for a long time. But for this I put some mousse in my hair when it's damp before putting in the curlers and then when I have taken the curlers out when my hair is completely dry, I'll hairspray them into place. I would love the full curls to stay in for a couple of days like they do for some people but my hair is just too thick to hold it longer. It does give me a nice wave on the second day though.

  3. I also have waist long hair and love mine.these are easiest and fastest curlers I ever used


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