Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chess at 3

I am introducing Tyler Schwartz from Chess At 3 today.
His curriculum teaches young children how to play chess in a fun way!

 Chess At 3’s new approach to teaching young children the complex strategies of chess is simply genius!  Using a remarkable, story-based curriculum - used in the top preschools in New York City and all over the world - the complexity of understanding the rules and unfamiliar names of the pieces becomes easy for children as young as three years old to understand and immediately comprehend.  Chess At 3’s curriculum consists of 20 fun stories along with teachers notes and commentary. 

The curriculum focuses on teaching the students about the “roles” of each chess piece through a series of remarkable stories, in which each chess piece stars as the “main character” of the story.  Following each story, the students will break into groups, where they learn how each piece “likes” to move.  Once the students learn how each piece “likes” to move, the last two lessons will focus on “Secret Missions” or chess tasks that will teach strategy and focus.  Each session is approximately 30 minutes long.

Chess is a nice analogy for life: Both require giving some serious thought before making your next move and anticipating the consequences of your actions.  Give your children the gift of chess with Chess At 3

Rockabye Butterfly's note:  I have received a free copy of the Chess At 3 curriculum and I'd like to share that the stories to introduce each piece of the game as a character, are fantastic!  I've never learned how to play Chess, so Butterfly and I will be taking advantage of Chess At 3.  We now have "Learn Chess" on our Summer Bucket List!

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