Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Promise Monsters

I am introducing Michael from Promise Monsters today.
He and his family have a fabulous idea!

Our children face a barrage of bad  news every day: school shootings in Connecticut, bombings in Boston, the kidnappings in Cleveland. If we aren't careful, our children will end up with a cynical and negative view of the world.
We believe the answer is kindness.
For the past three years our homeschooling family has tried to create a better world by spreading thousands of acts of kindness all over the country. We do this through stuffed monsters called Promise Monsters

Promise Monsters are stuffed monsters that each come with an act of kindness for kids to complete. The kids go out into the world, complete their kind act, and then we mail them a reward!

All of our monsters are cute, furry, and made locally in Indiana. They are all based off drawings by our kids, and they are all focused on creating acts of kindness.

Last week we launched a hugely ambitious project to spread even more kindness to even more people all over the world. You can play a part in helping us to make a difference, and be one of the first people to get our newest monsters Albert and Kindness Ninja! Both come with their very own special acts of kindness for you to complete.

Please take a moment to view our videos HERE, read some of the kind missions kids have completed, and find out about the history of our monsters

Thank you, and go kindness!

-Michael and Erin, Bella (16), Frank (14), Scout (12), Jack (10), and Zoe (8)

Butterfly can't wait to receive her Squiggly in the mail!
We'll be sure to post about our Act of Kindness with Squiggly! 


  1. This is such a great idea and I will be contributing. I'm going to buy for the grandkids. My daughter is always showing her kids how to be kind. They'll love these and have fun spreading kindness at the same time.


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