Friday, May 10, 2013

Paper Plate Fans

Here's a quick little craft idea that Butterfly had.
Paper Plate Fans!

It's been feeling like Summer where we are here in Canada, warm and sunny!  Butterfly and her friends were playing outside and they were hot!  So we found some cute pink paper plates from last year's birthday party and cut them in half.  I cut two slits in each fan with a knife on a cutting board.  I used wide craft sticks for the handle and weaved each stick into the slits for more stability, since these things were going to be waved vigorously.

I added some duct tape at the back for even more durability.

I brought out a pile of fun stickers and let the girls go nuts in decorating their fans!

They brought them outside and kept cool with them... but also played princesses who attended a fancy ball who had decorated fans to hide behind of course! :)

Butterfly makes the accordian paper fans when she needs a breeze, but these thick plate fans have stood the test of time and don't get easily crushed like the paper ones.

This would be fun on an outdoor table for a craft center during Summer play,
easy to do, no mess, and helps with the heat!

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  1. Cute idea! So much more durable than the paper fans. Butterfly has such creative brainstorms!

  2. Great to find you. Thanks for the follow on Twitter. I will follow you back for sure. I do lots of crafts on my website. based on my children's story Tadeo Turtle.
    Would love you to visit.


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