Monday, May 27, 2013

Homeschool Club

Today is a Love post.
Butterfly said, "Let's write about our friends, my Homeschooling friends, because I love them!"
and I thought it was a good idea!

We have been with our core Homeschool Club for almost two years.  It started off with a calling for Kindergarten girls in a local homeschooling emailing list, we all met, with the siblings, and we've been together since!

  The children in our group are each other's "classmates" and they have become really close friends that play so well together!  We meet every week and we have planned projects, lessons, field trips, and celebrations.

If you are a homeschooler, I can't stress enough the importance of having a Homeschool Club!  To be with other like-minded parents gives me much support, in schooling, parenting, and everyday life.  For Butterfly, she is never alone or "unsocialized."  She is involved with other homeschoolers, classes and homeschooling events (not to mention daily plays with her neighbourhood friends and her cousins.)  Butterfly doesn't go a day without playing and learning with other children!  Our weekly schedule is always so full and I love that each day is always different and flexible!

When you are in a group, everyone has many ideas, skills and passions to put together.  Everyone contributes what they know, to the group, bringing full well-rounded lessons and studies.  How great is it to have more than one teacher who are your Mommies!

Having homeschooling friends is like playing in an endless recess.  The kids get to follow their passions and interests and be free to explore them together.

It is so important for homeschoolers to have those connections, that support, so you never feel alone in your home-learning journey.  To all our friends who support us, we appreciate you!

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  1. It is great having a group of like minded families to connect with. It is also wonderful to not have the sole responsibility of coming up with fun and educational activities. Every family brings new ideas and ways to learn to the group.


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