Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Geometric Solids

Here are some fun ideas for Geometry Lessons.

We got this awesome Trixy and Troy Geometric Shapes Kit.  It has so many activities inside this one kit to build on shapes and spatial concepts.

Our first activity from the set was with Geometric Solids.  We learned about the sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, the square-based pyramid and the triangle-based pyramid, a triangular prism, hexagonal prism, and a trapezium prism!  I even learned more about the last three!

I introduced them to Butterfly one at a time, we talked about if they have corners, edges, if they are round, if they roll, we compared them with each other, which ones have squares, which ones have triangles on them, and then matched them up to their information card.

Before I started this lesson, I had some help from this Montessori teaching video so I had ideas of what to talk about and how to facilitate the learning with the Geometric Solids.

Before the lesson, in my prep work, I put together some real life images, so Butterfly could match up the shapes to how they are used in everyday life.

We went through all the pictures and she lined them under their shape, getting to know the shapes even better.  I made the everyday real life images a fair size as it's easier for children to identify and really see what the object is for matching.

I have this whole set available at my store if you'd like to have them as well.  If you want durability, if it's going to be used with more children or for a longer period of time, I would recommend printing them on card paper and laminating the set.  (I have ran out of both materials, I have to Amazon more to stock back up, so I ended up doing a quick paper print and then I cut them out.)

Do you remember doing the mini marshmallows and toothpick project back in school, to build 3D shapes?  We decided to make our Geometric Solids with this idea but we used Play-Doh balls with our toothpicks!

We made a cube.

A square-based pyramid.

A triangle-based pyramid.

Here's our triangular prism.

Inside the Trixy and Troy Geometric Shapes Kit there are other shape building activity sets.  There is a pattern block set with cards to match the shapes to make images.  It reminds me of our Mighty Mind set.  I love this because again it's showing the child what shapes are in everyday items.

The shapes and cards were stored in plastic packaging, so we found an old chocolate box in our Recycle Craft Box to store them in.  We used the reward stickers that came in our Trixy and Troy case and decorated the chocolate box which holds the shape pieces and cards perfectly together!

The case also has a peg board with two different sides.

A circle and a square side.  The cards show the shape the child can match using the elastic bands it came with.  Great fine motor skills!  And I found Butterfly having to count the pegs to be able to match the shape shown on the card, excellent grid work!

Here's another activity it comes with.  Some more grid work with coloured triangles for following the pictures on the cards.  Excellent for thinking and concentration skills, and definitely fine motor skills!

All these lessons fit beautifully in the case it comes with!  You know me, I love great storage!

The Trixy and Troy case is available on Amazon:

The printable set of real-life objects that I made can be printed from HERE.

Other Geometric Shapes Materials and Activities:


  1. Awesome activities! I love the Play-Doh and toothpick 3D shapes! I added your post and photo to my Inexpensive and DIY Geometric Solids post at


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