Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fairy Gardens!

This past weekend was planting weekend for us!  We bought flowers at the flower center, we built new flower gardens, and we finally made our FAIRY GARDENS!!

Butterfly and I each worked on one.

We painted wooden bird houses that we found at the dollar store, using acrylic paints.

We filled some pots with dirt and planted some of the flowers we had bought.

We gathered twigs and sticks on a nature walk to use as fences and trees.

We bought little accessories from the dollar store like sea shells, white rocks, gem stones, and craft butterflies.

We made little swings with string and twigs so the fairies can enjoy a little swing when they stopped by in the secret of the night.

We made sure to paint glitter paint on our fairy house roofs to attract the fairies with some sparkle!

Butterfly loved filling her fairy garden with every treasure she could find in nature and from the craft room, making sure the fairies would never be bored when they stayed.

We made little pots of flowers in front of our main fairy garden so they can be steps up to the main pot, adding sea shells, gem stones, and twigs for decoration.

Butterfly believes the fairies will have fun here during the night when we are sleeping.

I'm so glad we finally got a chance to make fairy gardens, something that was on our list to do last Summer but never had a chance to get to.

As we go through the Summer, we will watch for tiny fairy footprints or tiny fairy love notes that might be left behind!  :)


  1. These are really pretty- and I like how stepped them down! :) We should try this- But, I need to also try keeping plants alive, too. haha!

  2. This is gorgeous. We haven't got round to making our fairy garden yet but it is on the list!

  3. Such a wonderful thing to do, perfect for stretching imaginations. Love you to join in my Country Kids linky too. Popping over from the lovely outdoor play party.

  4. These are stunning. I absolutely love them. The colors, details, pinwheels, peacock feather...all of it is just beautiful. I'm completely inspired to make my own now :-). Pinning.


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