Thursday, May 23, 2013

Butterfly Printable Pack!

Rockabye Butterfly has completed a Hand-Drawn Butterfly Printable Pack!

This pack has:
  • Copywork
  • Fill in the missing alphabet
  • Fill in the missing numbers
  • Design a butterfly and make it fly!
  • Finish Butterfly Patterns
  • Butterfly Addition
  • Color by Number with Printing Practice
  • Counting and Coloring
  • Wordsearch
  • Copywork with Matching

Here's Butterfly working on her butterfly printables! :)


 Butterfly designed her own butterfly here, a craft in the printable pack, and there are three folds to complete it.  The middle fold gets folded in, and the two outer folds gets folded out, so that you can hold the butterfly like a paper airplane and flap its wings by moving your hand up and down.

Here's a quick little video to show you how it works:

 This a cute printable pack for the Spring and Summer,
and fun activities to do for end-of-the-year school review work.

Speaking of butterflies, I have to show you these beautiful Blue Morpho Butterfly Wings that we ordered from Amazon!

They are like soft plush wings, and there are elastic handles to put the child's arms through and another set to hold onto with their hands.  Butterfly LOVES these and wears them outside and around the house playing butterfly!  She wraps herself up pretending she is in a chrysalis!  I love these because they are real life role playing.

Butterfly is in love with the Blue Morpho Butterflies because she actually got to hold one in a butterfly green house!  Here's a photo of us holding one:

Definitely an easy buy and a fun nature product for Summer play!

To get your own Butterfly Printable worksheet Pack, CLICK HERE!


  1. Thanks for sharing such a great pack! I've pinned to my Butterflies board for future inspiration.

    Thanks also for linking up at the Outdoor Play Party - hope to see you there again next time!

  2. Love those butterfly wings! My favorite color...


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