Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Promise Monsters

I am introducing Michael from Promise Monsters today.
He and his family have a fabulous idea!

Our children face a barrage of bad  news every day: school shootings in Connecticut, bombings in Boston, the kidnappings in Cleveland. If we aren't careful, our children will end up with a cynical and negative view of the world.
We believe the answer is kindness.
For the past three years our homeschooling family has tried to create a better world by spreading thousands of acts of kindness all over the country. We do this through stuffed monsters called Promise Monsters

Promise Monsters are stuffed monsters that each come with an act of kindness for kids to complete. The kids go out into the world, complete their kind act, and then we mail them a reward!

All of our monsters are cute, furry, and made locally in Indiana. They are all based off drawings by our kids, and they are all focused on creating acts of kindness.

Last week we launched a hugely ambitious project to spread even more kindness to even more people all over the world. You can play a part in helping us to make a difference, and be one of the first people to get our newest monsters Albert and Kindness Ninja! Both come with their very own special acts of kindness for you to complete.

Please take a moment to view our videos HERE, read some of the kind missions kids have completed, and find out about the history of our monsters

Thank you, and go kindness!

-Michael and Erin, Bella (16), Frank (14), Scout (12), Jack (10), and Zoe (8)

Butterfly can't wait to receive her Squiggly in the mail!
We'll be sure to post about our Act of Kindness with Squiggly! 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Homeschool Club

Today is a Love post.
Butterfly said, "Let's write about our friends, my Homeschooling friends, because I love them!"
and I thought it was a good idea!

We have been with our core Homeschool Club for almost two years.  It started off with a calling for Kindergarten girls in a local homeschooling emailing list, we all met, with the siblings, and we've been together since!

  The children in our group are each other's "classmates" and they have become really close friends that play so well together!  We meet every week and we have planned projects, lessons, field trips, and celebrations.

If you are a homeschooler, I can't stress enough the importance of having a Homeschool Club!  To be with other like-minded parents gives me much support, in schooling, parenting, and everyday life.  For Butterfly, she is never alone or "unsocialized."  She is involved with other homeschoolers, classes and homeschooling events (not to mention daily plays with her neighbourhood friends and her cousins.)  Butterfly doesn't go a day without playing and learning with other children!  Our weekly schedule is always so full and I love that each day is always different and flexible!

When you are in a group, everyone has many ideas, skills and passions to put together.  Everyone contributes what they know, to the group, bringing full well-rounded lessons and studies.  How great is it to have more than one teacher who are your Mommies!

Having homeschooling friends is like playing in an endless recess.  The kids get to follow their passions and interests and be free to explore them together.

It is so important for homeschoolers to have those connections, that support, so you never feel alone in your home-learning journey.  To all our friends who support us, we appreciate you!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Butterfly Printable Pack!

Rockabye Butterfly has completed a Hand-Drawn Butterfly Printable Pack!

This pack has:
  • Copywork
  • Fill in the missing alphabet
  • Fill in the missing numbers
  • Design a butterfly and make it fly!
  • Finish Butterfly Patterns
  • Butterfly Addition
  • Color by Number with Printing Practice
  • Counting and Coloring
  • Wordsearch
  • Copywork with Matching

Here's Butterfly working on her butterfly printables! :)


 Butterfly designed her own butterfly here, a craft in the printable pack, and there are three folds to complete it.  The middle fold gets folded in, and the two outer folds gets folded out, so that you can hold the butterfly like a paper airplane and flap its wings by moving your hand up and down.

Here's a quick little video to show you how it works:

 This a cute printable pack for the Spring and Summer,
and fun activities to do for end-of-the-year school review work.

Speaking of butterflies, I have to show you these beautiful Blue Morpho Butterfly Wings that we ordered from Amazon!

They are like soft plush wings, and there are elastic handles to put the child's arms through and another set to hold onto with their hands.  Butterfly LOVES these and wears them outside and around the house playing butterfly!  She wraps herself up pretending she is in a chrysalis!  I love these because they are real life role playing.

Butterfly is in love with the Blue Morpho Butterflies because she actually got to hold one in a butterfly green house!  Here's a photo of us holding one:

Definitely an easy buy and a fun nature product for Summer play!

To get your own Butterfly Printable worksheet Pack, CLICK HERE!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fairy Gardens!

This past weekend was planting weekend for us!  We bought flowers at the flower center, we built new flower gardens, and we finally made our FAIRY GARDENS!!

Butterfly and I each worked on one.

We painted wooden bird houses that we found at the dollar store, using acrylic paints.

We filled some pots with dirt and planted some of the flowers we had bought.

We gathered twigs and sticks on a nature walk to use as fences and trees.

We bought little accessories from the dollar store like sea shells, white rocks, gem stones, and craft butterflies.

We made little swings with string and twigs so the fairies can enjoy a little swing when they stopped by in the secret of the night.

We made sure to paint glitter paint on our fairy house roofs to attract the fairies with some sparkle!

Butterfly loved filling her fairy garden with every treasure she could find in nature and from the craft room, making sure the fairies would never be bored when they stayed.

We made little pots of flowers in front of our main fairy garden so they can be steps up to the main pot, adding sea shells, gem stones, and twigs for decoration.

Butterfly believes the fairies will have fun here during the night when we are sleeping.

I'm so glad we finally got a chance to make fairy gardens, something that was on our list to do last Summer but never had a chance to get to.

As we go through the Summer, we will watch for tiny fairy footprints or tiny fairy love notes that might be left behind!  :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring Letter Tile Printables

 I made a set of Spring spelling word printables for Butterfly to use.

She first made the Spring words using her Bananagrams by just matching up the letters.

Then we used magnets to put the word cards up on our Magnetic Board with our All About Reading set.

I made the letter boxes to fit the All About Reading magnetic letter tiles perfectly.

We read the Spring word together, Butterfly searched out the letter tiles from the top and filled in the word.

It gave her more practice of finding letters that are in alphabetically order, spelling a word from left to right, sounding out letters, recognizing that each word has a (red) vowel, and seeing what these Spring words look like when we write them, even though she can't read them all.

Plus the excellent fine motor and concentration skills she was using when doing this activity.

She loves using her Hand Pointer when reading the completed word.

If you'd like a copy of the Spring printables, CLICK HERE!

Check out our Reading program, the magnetic letter tiles are HERE!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Paper Plate Fans

Here's a quick little craft idea that Butterfly had.
Paper Plate Fans!

It's been feeling like Summer where we are here in Canada, warm and sunny!  Butterfly and her friends were playing outside and they were hot!  So we found some cute pink paper plates from last year's birthday party and cut them in half.  I cut two slits in each fan with a knife on a cutting board.  I used wide craft sticks for the handle and weaved each stick into the slits for more stability, since these things were going to be waved vigorously.

I added some duct tape at the back for even more durability.

I brought out a pile of fun stickers and let the girls go nuts in decorating their fans!

They brought them outside and kept cool with them... but also played princesses who attended a fancy ball who had decorated fans to hide behind of course! :)

Butterfly makes the accordian paper fans when she needs a breeze, but these thick plate fans have stood the test of time and don't get easily crushed like the paper ones.

This would be fun on an outdoor table for a craft center during Summer play,
easy to do, no mess, and helps with the heat!

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