Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Water Cycle Lesson Plan

We have learned about the Water Cycle!

Here's the story.  As you know, we've had quite a few trips to the farm lately as shown in our Instagram photos, and on our last farm trip as we were walking out and heading home, Butterfly had asked me, "Where does the water go when it dries? Like my wet towel after a bath? It was all wet and then the water disappears!"
I thought, WOW! This is great!  I then touched on the Water Cycle and told her how water evaporates!  So from this discovery, I built a whole lesson plan on the water cycle for her!


Things that I love and that I am grateful for:
*   I love all of Butterfly's curious questions lately, it shows me what she is thinking about!
*   I love self-directed learning because then the child absorbs the information SO much more when it's a question that came from her!
*   I am thankful for our homeschooling experience, to share this journey with my daughter!
*   I love the fact that the work I prepare for her, I can share online for many other homeschoolers, teachers, parents and caregivers.  That after we use what we made, the learning doesn't stop, it can keep being used!
*   I am thankful for all you! Rockabye's faithful readers who have been supporting me and helping me see the value in my work and time.

*Ok, now back to your regularly scheduled post!*  :)

The Water Cycle Lesson Plan that I am offering has 53 pages that uses all the subject areas and many areas of learning through the senses.  Age range this can be used with, are 3-7 year olds. 
In the package there is:

*   Reading/ Teaching - What you can read and explain to the children about the Water Cycle. I have the real Water Cycle terms, but I also include easier words for the younger ages to understand and be able to pronounce.
*   Video Helpers - I researched the most helpful ones that we used to help explain the Water Cycle.
*   5 Science Experiments!!! - Butterfly had SO much fun with actually experiencing the Water Cycle hands-on!  With pictures, there are 5 detailed, easy to do science experiments.
*   Sensory Play - Then an easy put-together hands-in Sensory experience that builds on the Water Cycle theme!
*   Chalkboard diagram - What you can display and have up for the child(ren) during this Water Cycle theme.
*   Songs to Sing - 3 Water Cycle songs!  Singing with children always helps make a subject more concrete.  Two of the songs are written by yours truly! ;)
*   Craft Time - Must have arts and crafts!  Craft projects on the Water Cycle!
*   An Activity with Patterns - There is a "craftivity" that will help practice with Patterns as we go around and around in the cycle, asking questions like "What comes next?"
*   Book Recommendations - Lots of researched ideas on what books to get to build on this learning theme with more Reading.
*   Computer Time Activities- Typing practice and free online games that all pertain to the Water Cycle!
*   10 Pages of Hand-Drawn Printables! - Worksheets that I have hand-drawn (my specialty of course!) that you can print out.  They include- diagram labelling, printing practice, drawing and colouring, cutting and gluing, assembling a craft, and Math work.

Would you like a copy of our Water Cycle Lesson Plan?
I have done all the work and research for you!  You get to just put it into action and start the fun right away!

Let me know how your lesson and Water Cycle theme goes and what your children's reactions were to it!

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  1. I love teaching the Water Cycle to preschool students. They get it, too. We added in this cloud experiment as well


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