Thursday, April 11, 2013

Planting Printables!

My Planting Printables have been a hit over in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!  Thank you so much!
I think it's a great themed package for this time of year, the snow is melted, the grass is trying to get green again, it's time to think about decorating the outside with our pretty gardens!  Let's teach our children how plants work!

Butterfly loved working on these sheets.  In this photo she gave each flower the two things plants need- sun and water.  This is a great cutting and gluing exercise and sorting to make sure each plant gets what they need.

Butterfly filled in the numbered steps on this sheet, a sequential activity on how to plant a flower.

She then coloured them, she made sure each flower pot was the same colour in each picture as it showed the progress in growing the same flower.  Then we stapled them together to make a little step by step book!

I have a couple of sheets in this package that introduce basic FRACTIONS with flowers!!  Wow!  We are starting fractions!!  These sheets are an easy concept for the age range I give this package (3-7yrs) as it's basic counting, but it gives a head start on what fractions look like.

We have introduced some addition work, these are equations to solve.  They either equal 7 or 8.  The child can cut out all the petals and leaves for the flowers and glue them on the right flower answer!

There's 11 pages in this package of a lot more to do, with the theme of Planting!

Printing Practice
Drawing and Coloring
Labeling the Parts of a Plant
Cutting and Gluing
Plants needing Sunlight and Water to grow
Flower Petal Addition Equations
Basic Fractions with Flowers
Sequencing, Steps in Planting, make a booklet
Symmetrical Drawing

You can get your copy of this whole Planting package HERE! 
Thank you!

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  1. This looks great!! It's so hard to find plant units with decent clip art included. Your drawings are so clear and nice. Great that you have the talent to draw them yourself. When I draw pictures for my boys, they always say, "WHAT is that??" Good thing I can rely on artists like you ;)


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