Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Days of the Week

Butterfly and her friends needed some refreshment on the days of the week.  Here are the activities we did.

First we did our Calendar Time and found out today's date.
We love using our Hand Pointer.
And this is the Year Around Calendar Set we use.

These are our song sheets from 1plus1plus1equals1.com

Here's a little video of the three girls and I singing the days of the week songs.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a great book to reinforce the days of the week!

Each day of the week is listed with foods the caterpillar ate.

I found a set of printables of Days of the Week that have the foods from the very hungry caterpillar story, along with a Days of Week Wheel, and a cut-and-paste Days of the Week worksheet.

I colour coded each set of worksheets for the girls, so that each day had it's own colour and it was the same on all three worksheet sets.

On the cut and paste activity sheet I numbered the days in order so that it matched the numbers on the wheel, so the girls knew which day comes first in the week on the wheel.

The girls got busy on their school work.

Everyone always asks me about our activity trays- we got them from Ikea!  Trays are awesome to use for everything!  They contain the activity and keep any messes in the tray!

If you want to see all of what we do during Calendar Time, revisit our Calendar post.


  1. Love all of your ideas! Question: did you spray paint the Ikea trays or did they come in those colors? I bought four of them, but only found white ones! Thanks!

    1. They were bought in those colours :) I have a white one too!


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