Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Clean Up Time Review

I have had the privilege of reviewing How To Run A Home Daycare's e-guide on "Clean up Time"!


I was excited to read this as there are days I have a challenging time with Butterfly to put her creative piles away in their places at the end of the day.  

Jana gives you 5 Steps to help your child tidy up, and as I was reading through them, a whole bunch of light bulbs came on in my head, it was like I was getting fresh new ideas and friendly reminders on what a successful child orientated clean up should be like.

There is a TON of helpful hints in this 20 page e-guide.  If you run a home daycare, or even want some tips on how to better organize a classroom in a daycare center or school room, or even a mom who wants a tidy playroom, there are so many tips in here that you will think, "Why didn't I think of that?!"  It just makes sense!  A lot of these tips help minimize playroom/classroom messes that get too big and become too long and overwhelming to clean.
Jana even lists out what to expect at each age level, how you can make clean-up age appropriate from a one year old to school-aged children.  She even lists some clean-up songs that can be used, and the importance of using music/ a song when it comes to tidying up.

Jana's Clean-Up Time Guide is worth the $3 if you'd like the bright ideas and tips and tricks she has for your children!  Take a look over here if you're interested!

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