Monday, April 15, 2013

Artist Unit with Montessori Print Shop

Printable Montessori Materials

Montessori Print Shop gave us their Art Bundle to Review.

Butterfly and I LOVE Art as you all know, so a chance to get a more in depth look at famous artists was more than welcomed!  The Art Bundle came with 30 famous artists in book form.  We chose lots of our favourites, printed them out and stapled them into little mini books.

Each book came with a picture of the artist on the first page and then a bunch of examples of some of the art they made, so we can get a sense of what their art style is like.

We got together lots of kids' books on famous artists to get an even closer look to continue our unit!

More Than Meets The Eye: Seeing Art With All Five Senses
Emily Carr: At the Edge of the World
les nombres dans l'art
Look! Body Language in Art

We built on our artist learning even further by being the artist!  Butterfly and I did a lot of art work, choosing some of the artists' methods and styles.

We referred to each of the Montessori Print Shop's mini books as we mimicked these artists:

Van Gogh
Emily Carr
Georges Seurat
Pablo Picasso
Paul Klee
Jackson Pollock
Georgia O'Keeffe

Van Gogh's Starry Night is my favourite so Butterfly was determined to do this for me :)
We used our Soft Oil Pastels and completed this picture together!

We used our pastels again to make an Emily Carr tree picture!

Love the flow in the picture we created.

Next we got out a bunch of Q-tips and paint.

We sketched out a Georges Seurat picture,

...and painted the picture together with DOTS!  Seurat made paintings with just tiny dots, Butterfly and I chatted about that while we painted our dots with Q-tips.  We concluded that it must have taken Seurat a looooooong time to complete a painting!  Pretty amazing to create paintings this way!

Next, we studied Pablo Picasso's work and made an abstract face with markers!

We brought out some water paints and water colour paper, to make a Paul Klee colour square art.

Jackson Pollock did a lot of SPLATTER painting!!

So we gathered our supplies and brought them into the garage as this was a messy project!  We put our paper inside a box to help catch splatters.

And without touching the brush to the paper, we splatted paint on the paper.  We hit the brush on the side of the box too to let gobs of paint fall.  This was so much fun!

The result:  A Splatter Painting like Jackson Pollock's!

In a previous post, we had studied Georgia O'Keeffe and completed some flower paintings.  Her paintings took up the full page, so we learned to stretch our picture to all sides of the paper!

Since our O'Keeffe lesson I have noticed Butterfly using this method in her drawings and art.  It's great to expose children to all different styles of art and then in their own free art time they have a wide variety of ideas to draw from to make their own creations and style!

Printable Montessori Materials

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  1. What a fun unit! We had planned to do this for the duration of the summer...but seeing your post makes me want to move it up!

  2. this is SO cool!!! We will be starting some of your ideas soon!

  3. what size paper and type or weight are you using for these??

    1. You can use regular 8 by 11 paper and then I cut them out following the lines. I used cardstock for sturdy books, but didn't have a good stapler to get it all together, so I probably should have just used regular paper to put them together easier. If you win this item or choose to purchase this or any download items through the Montessori Print Shop, they give you instructions on how to properly prepare them if you want to have true Montessori materials that will last for years.

  4. Just found your page today and it looks great! I am a home school mama to 4 daughters aged 17,15,13, and 10. We have not studied art before and I feel like that was a failure on my part. But I plan to start soon and was excited yo find your list about this. Your ideas are great! Thanks!

  5. Wow! So many brilliant projects you have completed. I love them all. And a great set of book recommendations. A really great resource.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Arty!


  6. What a great post! I am using some of these ideas for the Art Camp my school is doing. Do you mind if I provide a link to your blog in my own blog when I share what we did during the camp?


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