Monday, April 22, 2013

All About Reading Review

We have had the privilege of receiving and reviewing the All About Reading program!

I was so excited to receive all of this in the mail for Butterfly, this is such a popular reading and spelling program that I have seen on many other blogs and homeschooling mom's sites, that I couldn't wait to get started on it!

I received the Reading Level 1 Materials and the Deluxe Reading Interactive Kit.

All About Reading is a reading program that covers:
* Phonological Awareness
* Phonics and Decoding
* Fluency
* Vocabulary
* Comprehension

What I love about this program is that everything is done for the teacher!  There is some set up prep work at the beginning when you've got all your brand new supplies, but after that, all the lessons are prepared for you and all you have to do is follow them and teach them to your child(ren).  I love when all the major work is done for me!

We bought our 2x3 Magnetic Dry Erase Board to place all the colour coded magnetic letter tiles on for making words.  We like to use our Hand Pointer with the board when sounding out the new words :)

In the single alphabet letter tiles, the consonants are coloured blue and the vowels are coloured red.

I put together all our cards in the provided card box, all the new sounds and new word cards.  At the beginning of each lesson I review the new sounds and words Butterfly has been taught in the previous lessons, and when she finally masters them, I file them under the mastered section, if not, I put them back in the review section so we can review them next time.  Repetition is always the key when teaching children.


Here are some of the Phonogram cards, saying the sound of the letter.  When there is a picture of a hand that means there is a hand action to go with that letter sound to help the child remember it.

The lessons are easy to follow and set up in the same way so it becomes a routine.  Everything is prepared and ready to go!  The lessons are fully scripted and tell you exactly what to say making this program easy to teach. In addition to the script, you can find tips in light grey boxes in the margins of the teacher's manual.

There are lots of samples on their site to have a closer look at their Teacher's Manual, Activity Books, and Readers.

These are examples of the green word cards.

There are hands-on activity sheets to go with each lesson.

Colouring, cutting and gluing to help reinforce the new words.

This is one of the Fluency Practice Sheets which include single words, phrases, and sentences.  There is a Viewfinder Bookmark to help single out each word.

The readers that come with the program are beautifully illustrated and have stories that use the new words.

I really like the Phonogram CD-ROM which comes with the kit also.  This helpful CD contains all of the basic phonogram pronunciations.  This is especially helpful for parents who may be unsure as to correct pronunciations.

At the end of the lesson the child can mark their progress chart! A star for every lesson completed, a total of 49 lessons in this Reading Level 1.

The Program also offers a Pre-Reading Program for a level under - it comes with Ziggy the Zebra puppet! And for the next level after this Level 1, we'd be using the Level 2 program.

There is an All About Spelling program with many levels that works along side with All About Reading that we will be using in the near future as well.

If you choose to use All About Reading and All About Spelling simultaneously, the Reading Interactive Kit with the letter tiles need only be purchased once, since they work for both programs!

This is my favourite reading program and definitely Butterfly's too.  It's very hands-on for children and well prepared for the teacher/parent.  We are continuing through this program and we'll definitely going to be finishing it!

Here's a little video on how this program got started:

If you are in need a reading curriculum that has daily prepared lessons, worksheets, and readers for your child(ren) as supplementary help, homeschooling, tutoring, or as a teacher, I recommend All About Reading.
Click here to see their site.


  1. Between this reading program and the Children Learning Reading program, which one would you recommend? My son is reading faster than I can keep up and I need some guidance to keep him challenged and engaged. Any suggestions you might offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

    1. All About Reading for sure!!!! Children Learning Reading is a good starter with good reading tips but doesn't continue and doesn't have all the materials All About Reading has to offer. All About Reading has levels for different ages, they have materials, prepared lessons that will last you for a good while, their worksheets and readers are awesome! And I find my daughter just going to the magnet board on her own after lessons to play with sounds and make words! I am definitely promoting all that All About Reading has to offer! Now I know why they are so popular and on a lot of other blogs!

  2. I've seen it promoted on tons of other blogs too, but it's hard to spend that much money if you're not 'just sure'. Thank you for answering my question and for your time! I really appreciate your input and I'll be purchasing this program (as soon as payday hits!). Thank you!

    1. Kensey, I also want to let you know of their One Year Guarantee If you purchase the program through the site, and you have not been satisfied, you can return it for a refund of the full purchase price, excluding shipping, even if it has been used!


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