Monday, March 11, 2013

Wooden Rainbow

Butterfly wanted to show off one of her favourite toys, this beautiful Wooden Rainbow!  So we thought we'd make a rainbow post about it since St. Patrick's Day is coming up, and rainbows are great to have around for this occasion!

This wooden rainbow has 12 colours stacked from small to big, in rainbow colour order.

 Butterfly likes to put the colours side by side in size order... make tunnels!

This can be car garages, or caves for animals, or houses for dolls!

Butterfly likes to make herself a mermaid tail with it as well.

We build the curves in many different kinds of art structures, great practice for balancing items.

Butterfly will turn one of her structures into a house, each compartment will be a "room" for her fairies.

We also make "Rainbow Land" often in our house.  The wooden rainbow is usually a house for our felt dolls.
We like to use a Sarah's Rainbow Silk Scape for the land.

Here is a video of Butterfly demonstrating all the fun things you can do with this beautiful Rainbow.  This video makes me laugh so many times, especially the part of our Sheltie dog insisting on being the Star of the show, and my little Butterfly's Diva response comes out in a part, plus the fact that we are not professional videographers.  It's a cute one we had to remember, so it's a must-post! Enjoy! :)

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