Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sweetless Egg Stuffers!

I know most people today, along with myself, are trying to cut down on sugars and sweets for their children and thriving to make a healthy life style for their family.  So when it comes to Easter chocolates, chocolate bunnies and eggs, and candies been sold everywhere, it seems like this is the only thing to fill our kids' eggs with for the Easter hunts.

Every year I have been trying to fill Butterfly's eggs, with more non-sweeties, but practical fun surprises instead!

I sewed together these cute felt Easter characters to fill eggs with!

I made two chicks and two bunnies in just one afternoon.  I cut two pieces of felt in the shape of a chick/ bunny, I sewed them together and filled them with a bit of wool.  I used embroidery thread to sew on eyes, the beak/nose, little wings for the chicks and a flower for the bunnies.  You could also fill these with rice or beans to make little bean bags.  I'm going to pick two of them and sew an embroidery thread string from the top so she can wear them as a necklace as well!

Other ideas to fill eggs with little gifts instead of sweets, is a bracelet making kit!  Just fill an egg with beads and some string!

Butterfly loves stickers!  I always have quite a few eggs filled with new stickers for crafting.

New hair barrettes are a sweet idea for the girls.  I use the large sized eggs for them.

I love the dollar stores!!  I picked up this big pack of foam peel-and-stick stickers that I can fill eggs with, to make more fun Easter pictures and art with!

Have you heard of Squinkies?  Butterfly loves these little characters and carries them around everywhere, she sets them up and plays with them all the time.  There are sets for boys as well like super heros.  Each little character comes with it's own ball it fits into, these fit perfectly into Easter eggs!!

These eggs will be filled with new art stamps, again, thank you Dollar store!

We love collecting realistic animals for our Nature Table, I found these sweet birds at the dollar store as well.  They are great symbol of Spring and they fit so well into plastic eggs.  I will include a little nest in her Easter basket so her new birds will have a home!

It is so easy to find new small treasures to fill Easter eggs.  Don't be afraid to mix it up.  I think children would love to see all sorts of different little presents in the eggs instead of the same old chocolate egg after egg.

We are so excited for Easter!  Butterfly and I love egg hunts!!

My Easter Printable Package is now out!  Fun learning Easter worksheets. Click here.

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