Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Hand-Drawn Printables

My Spring Hand-Drawn Printables are here!!

We have more craft pages in the Spring printable package, Butterfly is a lover of arts and crafts!

There's a Baby Animals Word Search

Decoding a Spring Message (the pictorial legend uses beginning sounds).

Printing Practice with Spring Words

On, Under, Beside, Through Concepts using a bumble bee in a flower patch!

Flower Subtraction

Spring songs, Butterfly liked colouring this sheet as well.

A cutting and gluing craft, 2 pages for this one.

Beginning Sounds with Spring items

Connect the Dots with numbers and the alphabet, reinforcing left and right concepts as well.

Cutting and Gluing with a Pattern making activity

Butterfly had fun completing these, we put them in a Spring worksheet folder to keep her work.

Here is the link to get my Spring Printable Package!

Happy Spring!!!

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  1. My favorite is the patterns page. So cute!


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