Thursday, March 21, 2013

Easter Spring Gift Cards

Butterfly loves to make cards for any holiday to give out to her family members.  We've been working on a bunch to hand out during our family Easter dinner.  It's such a personal loving touch when cards or gifts are hand-made, it shows you really took the time for someone.

We started with some cute chick-in-an-egg cards.

I gathered some soft pastel coloured cardstock, and cut out the egg shapes, a chick head, and little beaks.

Butterfly fashioned the pieces together on the card with some glue.

I gave her a pile of Easter stickers to decorate her cards with.

She personalized each one.

Next, Butterfly made Thumbprint chick cards!  We folded some white cardstock paper, poured a bit of yellow paint in a paint dish, and we needed an orange and black marker for when the paint dried.

Butterfly made a bunch of yellow thumb prints on the front of her cards.

After they dried, she added on an orange beak, and black feet to each baby chick!  How cute is that!

Lastly, we made Button Flower Spring cards!

I gathered some green and yellow paper, green ribbon, our craft Buttons, and paper flowers (which I found at the dollar store).

Butterfly loved making these flower cards, she had all sorts of flower ideas!
I think Granny is going to like this one :)

Eastery-Spring cards to hand out to family and friends- a Pretty Personalized gift idea!

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