Friday, March 8, 2013

Children Learning Reading Winner!

I reviewed the Children Learning Reading program at the beginning of the week, we've had lots of interest and entries come in to win a whole Standard Program worth $49.95.

So let's get to the results!

The Rafflecopter Giveaway Winner is:



You won a Children Learning Reading program!

 There were so many great comments of how so many of you could really use this program to teach the children in your life.  If you'd like to experience some great techniques to get your child reading and familiar with reading with lessons for 12 weeks, come here to purchase the program.

All the work has been done for you, all the research, the lessons, stories and rhymes for each lesson and new sound that is being introduced, plus all the phoneme sounds you need to know to properly teach it to your child.  It's all laid out step by step, lesson by lesson.

I have such a better idea of how to teach reading to Butterfly after learning this program.  There was useful information in it that I didn't even know about when teaching children to read.

A pretty good price for a lot of helpful ideas and lessons!
Check it all out HERE.

To watch more of Jim and Elena's children reading with this program, check out more of Jim's You Tube videos.

Happy Reading and Thanks for participating! :)

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