Monday, February 25, 2013

Clover Sewing and Gluing!

St. Patrick's Day is coming up!  
We've been working on a couple of Clover activities!

Using an idea from here, I decided to let Butterfly sew some more.  She's been practising with her Sewing Basket so I figure let's try it with the real thing and make a felt clover!

First I drew out a clover pattern on the green felt using a paper cut out I quickly made.

I cut out two clovers.

Then I put together some green embroidery floss with an embroidery needle.

I taught Butterfly a basic stitch to sew around the clover.

Once one leaf was left, we got some of our left over roving wool and filled the clover up.

Butterfly stuffed it all up,

and then we sewed the rest closed with a green ribbon inside the stitches to be able to hang the clover up!

Another Shamrock craft we enjoyed was with another lucky four-leaf clover, cut out of green paper,

and glue and some of our left over green sand from the Rangolis we had made.

Butterfly made a glue pattern on her shamrock,

and then sprinkled her green craft sand over the glue with a spoon.

When she was done, we lifted it up and all the excess sand fell off.  Working on a craft tray makes messy crafts so much easier to clean up!

There we have a cute shamrock craft with a patterned texture!

 Stay tuned for more St. Patrick's Day ideas to come!

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